The Dead End

I illustrated the cover of the first book in Scholastic's upcoming Poison Apple series, The Dead End. It is now available for preorder on Amazon.

holiday postcards

This is a postcard I'm sending out this year. I decided to work on it early because I am usually so indecisive about what to put on my holiday card. I just wanted it to be simple, sweet and have a gingerbread house somewhere.

If you are an art director, art buyer, designer etc. and would like to be included on my list email your address to lizin8or [AT] gmail [dot] com and I would be happy to send one.


I haven't blogged much lately since I have been busy with jobs (yay!) and taking a class at Art Center to polish my adobe illustrator skills. For the longest time I was only comfortable drawing by hand and working in Photoshop, but now I feel a comfortable working in Illustrator too.

These are a few of the drawings I've done recently...will be posting more later.

flower critters

recent illustration

This is something I did for the magazine Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities for an article about bull and bear markets. I had a lot of fun making the wallpaper and floor with mostly watercolors and markers, then assembling them in Photoshop. I have been a little obsessed with making dots with Copic sketch markers. They are perfect dot-making markers.

I also updated my site with a bunch or new artwork last week.


Rock 'n' Roll Monkey Art

This is some album artwork I did for the band Rock 'n' Roll Monkey and the Robots. I was going to post about this a while back, but got really busy at the time of the release. The album has been out for a few months and has gotten some great (and well deserved) press. This is the second Rock 'n' Roll Monkey album that I've done artwork for and they've always been awesome to work with. The album is available on their website and I highly recommend checking it out.

Album artwork for Rock 'n' Roll Monkey and the Robots

Album artwork for Rock 'n' Roll Monkey and the Robots

Album artwork for Rock 'n' Roll Monkey and the Robots

Illustration in the March issue of Elle GIRL Korea

Elle GIRL Korea commissioned several artists to make their own versions of the cover for it's sixth birthday. Here's mine:

illustration for Elle Girl Korea

As cheesy as it may be, I love to draw cute girls playing guitars. I love drawing cool guitars too. Maybe I watched too much Jem and the Holograms as a kid...

Interview on Stephanie Kuehnert's blog! Win a li'l drawing!

I was recently interviewed by author Stephanie Kuehnert for a weekly feature on her blog, "Women Who Rock Wednesday". Stephanie wrote the book I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone which I read a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it.

The interview is posted on all three of her blogs and a random commenter will win a grab bag of goodies, including a little original drawing.

surprised squirrel

Yep. There it is. I love squirrels in case that isn't obvious.

To check out the interview, go to:

Bye for now! :)